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Nokian Tire One HT 265/65/R18 114H

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265/65R18 114H B NOK ONE HT

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You depend on your vehicle to get you where you’re going no matter what. If you want to be sure it’s riding on a set of tyres that just as dependable, consider the Nokian ONE HT.

Nokian Tyres ONE HT Feature

When it comes to dependability in all seasons, this tire just might be the one for you. Designed in the arctic north for use in year-round driving conditions stateside, the ONE HT is here to give you premium performance that you can depend on no matter what the weather looks like.

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the weather when you can count on the predictably excellent performance of the ONE HT from Nokian. 

Featuring a slew of Nokian’s most cutting-edge designs, the ONE HT handles foul weather with aplomb. Starting with multi-purpose sipes, the ONE HT opens up to stay glued in place on surfaces covered in water. 

For even more all-season prowess, the ONE HT leverages zigzag circumferential grooves. These pathways help propel you confidently through water while adding biting edges for when the weather takes a turn for the worst. And if you’re facing light snow, grip claws give the ONE HT a little bit of teeth to back up its mean bark. All these features work to keep you firmly planted regardless of the weather forecast.

Other performance features of the ONE HT include:

  • Aramid fibers built into the tire’s sidewall provide resistance to cuts and punctures for toughness you can depend on no matter where the road leads you.
  • Responsive handling and precise steering control thanks to the wide outer shoulder blocks and interlocking sipes.
  • Silent groove technology reduces road noise, giving you a premium drive that you can enjoy  in any weather condition.
  • Built with the environment in mind, this Nokian tire features a low-rolling resistance tread compound, reducing fuel cost and emissions.

Nokian ONE HT Treadwear and Warranty

Thanks to Nokian’s relentless efforts to optimize the surface of the ONE HT, it evenly supports your light truck or SUV without distorting its tread pattern. Add in its interlocking sipes, and you’ve got a tire that resists uneven treadwear. This helps guarantee you season after season of reliable performance.

As a result, Nokian Tyres back P-metric sizes with a 70,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. (LT and commercial sizes are backed by a 55,000-mile warranty). 

But if you want protection that goes beyond a warranty, you can always opt for our exclusive Certificates. Covering your tyres all the way down to 3/32” of wear, our industry-leading Certificates protect your tyres against unpredictable road conditions. 

With coverage from our Certificates, if your tyres fail, we’ll provide you with a brand new replacement tire (if your damaged tire can’t be safely repaired).

(You can add our Certificate coverage in the cart of your order.)

It may sound a little over the top, but when it comes to all-season highway terrain performance for your pickup or SUV, this tire may just be the one. The Nokian Tyres ONE HT.

Additional information


Nokian Tire

Load Index


Load Range


Mileage Warranty


Max Air Pressure




Side Wall Description

Black Side Wall


265 /65 R18 114H SL BSW

Speed Rating

Up to 130 mph





Overall Diameter




Tread Depth


Rim Width Range

7.0 – 9.5



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